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One location, multiple haunted attractions
3 floors of terror

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome, fearless travelers, to the enigmatic depths of Reaper's Realm. As you embark on this hair-raising adventure through the haunted corridors and chilling encounters that await, you may find yourself beset by questions, doubts, and curiosities about this eerie realm. Fear not, for we are here to guide you through the shadowy fog that veils this land of the supernatural.

NO AGE LIMIT. We do not put an age limit on admission. We feel that parents are the best judge of whether their children are able to handle our attraction. We ask that you keep in mind that our attraction is meant to frighten, scare, and terrify you. It is a haunted attraction.

This is also where we should probably mention that we do not offer refunds if your children get too scared at our haunted attraction to complete the walkthrough.

In case of bad weather, will there be an area we can wait out of the rain? Yes! Reaper's Realm has waiting under tents for rainy weather conditions.

NO TOUCHING. You don't touch us, we don't touch you. This isn't that kind of place. Actors WILL NOT intentionally touch you. However, they do get very close. Due to the very low lighting levels inside our haunt, occasionally you might accidentally come in contact with one of our cast, their costumes or props, or another guest.

There are emergency exits throughout the mansion. You paid us to scare you, and that's what we did. In fact, we may have some of the ghouls drag you back inside just for asking. We don't give refunds at all, for any reason.

If you are too scared to finish the walkthrough, just ask the nearest security person to be escorted to the closest exit. Don't forget, no refunds.

You should consult your physician before entering ANY haunted attraction. If you have any serious medical conditions we advise you not to enter. Seriously. People fall down, things jump out at you, your friends may run over you, and yes – we do use fog and strobe lights. You will have to navigate around some pretty terrifying scenes. Your ticket purchase is also your acceptance of all Warnings & Disclaimers related to entering our attraction. Basically, you've been warned.

Enter at your own risk.

No recording devices are allowed at any time (video cameras, digital or flash photography, audio recording, etc,...). We regularly record events at all times. By purchasing a ticket, you are also granting us permission to use you recorded image or audio for any purpose.

The actors outside will pose for pictures when approached. The monsters inside don't like bright lights and we have been spending way too much on cleaning services after their rampages. If you are found to be using cellphones and flashlights inside the House you will be escorted out without a refund.

No pets! No weapons! No alcoholic beverages! No cameras! No smoking (except in the parking lot)! No laser pointers or flashlights! No food or beverages!

We do not allow foul language, pushing, vulgar behavior, weapons of any kind, alcohol, etc. We have a list of rules just like anyone else that must be adhered to for your own safety. Violation of these rules will usually bring a warning and then being asked to leave without a refund. Please enjoy going through the haunt and everyone will have a night to remember.

See hours for full list of dates and hours. Reapers Realm often stays open later to accommodate patrons on busy nights but the box office will never close earlier than posted times.

The parking lot closes at the scheduled times listed on the hours page, but the House remains open until the last customer enters.

As you prepare to step into the abyss of Reaper's Realm, keep these FAQs in mind. Should you require further assistance or information, do not hesitate to reach out to our spectral attendants, who will be on hand to assist you on your harrowing journey.

Now, brave souls, brace yourselves for the unexplainable, the otherworldly, and the utterly spine-tingling. Reaper's Realm awaits, and the secrets it holds may forever change the way you perceive the boundaries between the living and the dead.